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Japan urges residents to save electricity in winter to avoid energy crisis

The Japanese government has asked households and businesses across the country to save electricity this winter. Prior to this, the government asked households and businesses to save electricity during the summer amid concerns about energy shortages.

For the first time in seven years, the Japanese government has called on households and businesses to save electricity in winter. The latest measure will be implemented from Dec. 1, 2022, to March 30, 2023, due to the uncertain supply of liquefied natural gas, which is used as fuel for thermal power plants.

Japan is expected to keep its backup power generation rate at 3%, the lowest level to keep operations stable for the winter. However, the government wants to ensure that there will be enough energy to heat homes and businesses in the event of a natural disaster or power plant outage.

The government also plans to reward households that have reduced their monthly electricity consumption by at least 3% from the previous year with points by coordinating with the utility’s reward point system.

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