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Back in 1997 – The Asian Financial Crisis

Starting in July 1997, a financial crisis erupted in Asia, followed a year later by the 1998 financial crisis in the United States. In the early 1990s, many investors invested in development projects in Thailand. To do so, they converted…

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The Lost Skill: Critical Thinking

2021 was a unique year in many ways, with many events that will probably never be forgotten. The COVID pandemic also dominated 2021 with never-ending lockdowns, restrictions, crazy policies, and even attempts to create a police state. As many people…

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Why Currency is not Money

The term money is nowadays used for all the banknotes and the coins that go with them. In reality, what we use today to exchange products and services is not money but currency. Fiat currency to be exact. Money and…

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Why Generation Y is Banking on Cryptocurrencies

Millennials or Generation Y (born 1981-1996) have grown up with technologies without which today’s life would be hard to imagine. The desire for quick wins has become strongly established in these generations, leading many into crypto markets. More than 12%…

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Saving the World, Will Make Us Poor

Why is this? The transition to a sustainable economy exacerbates “global inflation” While the global economy has faced inflation caused by successive money printing and supply chain manipulation since Covid-19 erupted, many big thinkers are focused only on staying in…

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