About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of normal people like you who love financial independence. We are looking for investment trends and opportunities preferably in the commodity sector. The commodity sector is a wonderful market. No other market is so characterized by its cycles. This opens incredible opportunities for smart investors.

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We believe that financial independence can give everyone security. Financial systems come and go, as the past has shown us time and time again. If we look at Germany for example, the currency used there today is the Euro. Before that, it was the Deutsche mark, before that the Reichsmark, before that the Rentenmark, before that the Papiermark, and so on. You can see that currency systems come and go.

Do you know what the longest used currency is?

The pound sterling. The pound has existed for about 300 years. To be honest, the only real money that exists is gold. Gold has been recognized as an object of value for over 5,000 years.

Why should you care?

Financial crises exist all over the world. Examples of today are Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and so on….
Has your government disproportionately increased the money supply lately?
Be careful! Inflation is coming or worse hyperinflation.

Are you prepared for it?

We hope for your sake that you are, if not, you will soon be a very poor person.

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What is our goal?



Provide knowledge about the investment landscape

Investment Trends

Investment Trends

Find the latest investment trends

Articles & Stories

Articles & Stories

Create easy to understand articles and stories

Our goal is to give you knowledge. Knowledge about concepts, trends, and markets. The investment landscape is often confusing, especially for beginners We want to explain complicated topics to you in a simple way.

In our opinion, everyone should have the financial knowledge to build their wealth and protect themselves against times of crisis. Investing cannot be left to luck or coincidence. Investing needs knowledge. Knowledge to keep one’s losses low, to make above-average profits, and to prepare one’s character and mental abilities for the ups and downs. Patience, in particular, is one of the most important qualities an investor should have.

Financial independence is a long way to go.

Are you ready to start?

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