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This is How the Markets in Asia Moved

—– The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed lower. It was pressured by the slump in the Dow and by investors selling shares to take profits after the Nikkei had risen for two trading days in a row. Biggest losers were…

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Russia Finds Buyers for Crude Oil

While the EU is busy with sanctions talks against Russian oil, Russia has already opened new distribution channels for its energy products. China is reportedly buying at a discount price of $29 per barrel below the price before the Ukraine…

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This is how the Markets in Asia moved

—– Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index closed lower as investors worried that measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 will impact private sector revenue. Alibaba Health Information Tech is among the big losers today, down 9.71%. The Internet giant Alibaba…

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This Will Be Important This Week

Asia On Tuesday, South Korea releases its consumer confidence for the month of May, Australia releases S&P Global’s manufacturing and services purchasing managers index for the month of May, and Indonesia’s central bank holds its monetary policy meeting and announces…

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Recap of the Market Movements

—– The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed slightly higher after a volatile trading session. But the Dow continued its weekly decline for the eighth week in a row. This is the longest decline since April 1932, during the Great Depression.…


Dollar Stronger, Inflation Fears Spur Buying

The U.S. dollar gained against a basket of major currencies on Friday (May 20) as investors bought the greenback as a safe haven amid concerns about the impact of rising inflation. The dollar index, against the six major currencies in…

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