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Why the Fed Rate Hike May Not Stop Inflation

Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated the Fed’s position on interest rates in his speech at an IMF-sponsored seminar Thursday (April 21, 2022). The Fed sees inflation running away and wants to use its tools to stop it. “Getting inflation back…

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The Two Things Investors Should Keep an Eye On

These are certainly special times we are experiencing at the moment, from the virus pandemic, new all-time highs in the stock markets, commodity boom to the war in Ukraine. Investors are certainly thinking about how best to position themselves in…

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Why Every Crisis Leads to Permanent Change

“You never want a seriuos crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel, former President Obama’s first chief of staff Whenever major crises occur, be they natural or man-made disasters, shockwaves go through the world’s population. People lose their lives, infrastructure…

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The Lost Skill: Critical Thinking

2021 was a unique year in many ways, with many events that will probably never be forgotten. The COVID pandemic also dominated 2021 with never-ending lockdowns, restrictions, crazy policies, and even attempts to create a police state. As many people…

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