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Russia Finds Buyers for Crude Oil

While the EU is busy with sanctions talks against Russian oil, Russia has already opened new distribution channels for its energy products. China is reportedly buying at a discount price of $29 per barrel below the price before the Ukraine…

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China Lockdowns Depress Gold Jewelry Sales

As reported by the World Gold Council, gold demand has started the year well, with a 34% year-on-year increase. This is mainly due to exchange-traded funds and gold’s status as a safe haven. Demand for gold bars and coins was…

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China’s Inflation Higher Than Expected in April

China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported today that the consumer price index (CPI), a measure of inflation, rose 2.1% year-on-year in April. This was above the 1.5% increase in March and above analysts’ forecasts of a 1.9% rise. In…

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U.S. May Drop China Tariffs to Stop Inflation

U.S. President Joe Biden said the U.S. government would lift tariffs on Chinese imports to halt the rise in consumer prices in the United States. While Wall Street analysts predicted that the consumer price index (CPI) will rise by about…

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Russia Shuts Down 700k Barrels Per Day in April

Russia, one of the world’s most important crude oil exporters, suffered a further setback in April. Asian customers, who can buy Russian crude oil cheaply, are currently benefiting from this. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Russia had to…

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