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Is Bitcoin Heading Into a Bear Market?

The cryptocurrency market was down sharply on November 16.

Bitcoin (BTC) fell to its daily low of $58,553 or about 1.92 million baht. This represents a weekly minus of 10%. Altcoins also suffered sharp declines.

Bitcoin has been trading below $65,000 since November 15. It plunged to $62,000 and hit a low of $58,553 on November 17.

The bitcoin price must continue to be monitored as it can usually be seen as an indicator of the direction of the crypto market. If the price continues to fall, other altcoins will probably be dragged down with it.

The Spot Market is Open

Thursday, November 18,2021

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12.30 BTC59,786.74-501.79-0.83
12.30 ETH4,255.18+20.03+0.47
12.30 LTC220.29-11.07-4.78
12.30 BNB574.36-6.47-1.11
12.30 XRP1.12+0.03+2.28
12.30 ADA1.87-0.01-0.37
12.30 DOT41.11-0.53-1.27
12.30 DOGE0.240.00-1.59
12.30 UNI21.58-0.09-0.42
12.30 LINK28.68-0.81-2.75

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