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Ethereum Ahead of Big Price Increase?

Raoul Pal, macro analyst, and former Goldman Sachs executive has expressed his belief that Ethereum, the world’s No. 2 crypto coin, will at least double by the end of the year.

The comparison between Ethereum prices and Bitcoin prices in 2017 shows that the price growth is similar even during the adjustment period.

Such comparisons show that Ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin in its early days when considering the number of addresses actually used on the network. According to Metcalfe’s law, the network effect varies with the load on the network.

Metcalfe’s rules are the key to pricing both ETH and BTC.

We should not expect the price of Ethereum to double, but that the price of Ethereum will increase between 1x and 3x the current price. It is very likely that this will happen in the near future.

Previously, the Ethereum price was expected to reach the $20,000 mark during this uptrend.

The price of Ethereum is currently $4,195.69 and has increased by 2.05% in the last 24 hours.


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