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Asia Takes Big Step Toward Carbon-Free Energy with Nuclear Power

Asia is in the fast lane when it comes to building nuclear power plants. On no other continent in the world are so many nuclear power plants currently being built as in Asia. China is the main place with 19 reactors under construction. After that comes India with 8 and Korea with 4 being built. [1]

Nuclear energy has two decisive advantages over other energy sources: It is the most reliable way of generating energy and the cleanest in terms of CO2 emissions.

This is why nuclear power is seen by many as the solution to the countries’ goals of becoming CO2 neutral. In Europe and the U.S. there is a lot of talk about the plans, but without proposing any real solutions. In Asia, which is often portrayed by Western countries as the main polluter, the step toward clean energy is being taken. This is not only the case in power generation but also in road transport with electric vehicles. But with a total of 45 reactors under construction* and with over 50 reactors planned[2], one is one step closer to CO2 neutrality.

*Data contain Russia and Turkey

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