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Where Have the Bitcoin Bulls Gone?

Bitcoin, no other cryptocurrency is able to divide parts of the population like the most popular cryptocurrency of them all. For some, it’s freedom, sound money, and a fascination; for others, it’s a worthless, money-destroying asset with nothing behind it.…

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Bitcoin Rises Over 2% Back Above $30,000

This morning in Asia (June 3), the Bitcoin price rose 2.50% to $30,468.16. Bitcoin’s upward movement this morning followed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which closed up 435 points on Thursday (June 2) after falling for two straight days ahead…

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Bitcoin Moves Above $31,000 – Argentines Turn to Bitcoin

Today (June 1), the Bitcoin price rose 0.13% to move at $31,839.3.Bitcoin’s upward movement this morning came after the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 222 points on Tuesday (May 31) as investors expected inflation to remain high. The Dow…

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