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Bitcoin rises above $21,000

Bitcoin rose above $21,000, reaching a two-week high. This was due to the weakening of the dollar, which boosted the purchase of risky assets, including cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin price rose 9.79% today to $21,605.05. In addition, bitcoin has been supported…

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Bitcoin tops $20,000 – investors buy after previous drop

Bitcoin is rallying above $20,000 as speculative buyers after the previous price drop amid concerns about the Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hike. The bitcoin price rose 2.99% this morning to $20,254.95. Investors are concerned that the Fed’s accelerated rate hikes…

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Bitcoin falls below $21,000 on Fed rate hike concerns

Bitcoin has been falling steadily on concerns about the Federal Reserve (Fed) raising interest rates. The bitcoin price fell 5.51% this morning to $20,325.17. Bitcoin slid into negative territory this morning after the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed with a…

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Bitcoin falls near $21,000 hand in hand with U.S. stocks

Bitcoin fell to nearly $21,000 today in line with U.S. equity markets on fears the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) will continue to raise interest rates to curb inflation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 643.13 points, or 1.91%, to close…

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