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Energy Week Review

Oil Crude oil prices have been volatile this year, which is probably also due to speculation, as the price moves with almost any news related to Ukraine or Russia. However, the trend in oil prices remains upward, even though the…

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EU Members Fight Against Green Label for Natural Gas

Four EU members, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark, want to make a last attempt to prevent the inclusion of natural gas in the EU taxonomy. In a letter to Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, the four countries’ energy ministers wrote: “The…

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Uranium Equities Off to a Poor Start in 2022

Actually, shares of uranium producers had a good start into the first week of the year, which was probably mainly due to the unrest in Kazakhstan. Approximately 41% of the world’s uranium supply comes from the country, which is why…

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France’s Energy: When Energy is Politicized

France’s main electricity provider, Electricite de France SA (EDF.VI), continues to face tough times ahead. The company’s revenue gap has now ballooned to $8.8 billion, scaring off many investors in the new year. The stock is already down 14.8% YTD…

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The Green Battle in the EU Goes into the Next Round

Now that the EU Commission is making efforts to finally put reliable energy sources on the green list, there are mixed feelings among EU countries. On one side are the nuclear opponents like Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg, on the other…

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