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Gold Remains Strong as Ukraine Situation Dominates the News

Gold futures closed higher Tuesday (Feb. 22) as investors bought gold as a safe haven amid concerns over the tense situation in Ukraine. Russia recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine and subsequently sent troops…

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Russia Forecasts Gas Prices of 2000 Euros for Europe

Germany has now halted certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline for the time being. The reason for this is the conflict in Ukraine. The German Chancellor Scholz announced this yesterday (Tuesday). ” Today, I called on the…

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High Electricity Prices Make EV Sentiment Wobbly

Energy prices will remain at a high level in 2022, giving consumers a reason to think about whether they should still turn on the heating or not. The fact is that energy prices have risen significantly in almost all parts…

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Gold Continues Upward Trend

The price of gold is able to continue to rise late in the evening in Asia. At 10:42 PM (GMT+7), gold prices are up 0.63%, or $11.70, to $1,871.70 per ounce. The Silver price could also continue to rise further,…

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Big Gold Leads the Way

In times of war, people seek tangible things like gold or currency. The situation around Ukraine makes the stock markets all fall while on the other hand, gold prices rise. This happened on Friday as gold prices rose 1.26% in…

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Aluminum Prices Surpass 2008 Levels

Aluminum prices remain hot this year with prices already up 15% this year. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, prices have increased by over 80% and are currently at $3,237.40 per ton, a higher level than at the time…

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