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Tight Supply Pushes Aluminum Prices to New Highs

Aluminum prices have risen to a new high and are now already at $3,732.30 per ton. Yesterday alone, the aluminum price had increased by almost 6% and could increase by a good 72% within a year. Supply on the aluminum…

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Thermal Coal Prices Jump by Over 100% Within One Month

Coal prices remain out of control. Since the Russian army invaded Ukraine, coal prices have skyrocketed. The benchmark Newcastle coal futures have risen 101% since the beginning of February and over 65% in the last 7 days. At the moment…

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Russia-Ukraine War Drives Up World Rice Prices

Since Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, global commodity prices have skyrocketed. Rice prices in particular have skyrocketed as investors believe that rice will become a popular alternative to wheat, which has become an expensive commodity as Russia is a major…

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Nickel Price Rally Continues

The price of nickel, an essential element in the electronics industry and also in batteries for electric vehicles, continues to rise. Currently, at $25,574 per ton, the price of nickel is the highest it has been in 11 years. Nickel…

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