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Russia Finds Buyers for Crude Oil

While the EU is busy with sanctions talks against Russian oil, Russia has already opened new distribution channels for its energy products. China is reportedly buying at a discount price of $29 per barrel below the price before the Ukraine…

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Natural Gas Rises Above $7

The price of natural gas (Henry Hub) has risen to over $7, a price last recorded in 2008. Year on year, the price has already risen by over 92% and currently stands at $7,189. Russia, which is currently facing heavy…

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IEA Slashes Forecast for Global Oil Demand in 2022

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has significantly downgraded its forecast for global oil demand in 2022. The reason for this is the war in Ukraine, which could cut off Russian oil from the world market. Accordingly, rising commodity prices will…

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Oil Prices Heading for $200?

Oil prices have risen back above $100 a barrel on speculation that oil supplies will tighten after Russia struggles with Western sanctions. Commodities trader Pierre Andurand expects oil prices to rise as high as $200 per barrel this year, he…

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Global Chip Shortage Looks to Get Worse

The chip industry had already hit the headlines last year when demand for chips rose rapidly following the relaxation of the COVID 19 measures, but the market was unable to restore supply chains as quickly. As a result, there was…


Is the Gold Market Heading for a Supply Deficit?

The price of gold has risen sharply again recently, due not least to the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. This had only accelerated the already inevitable and that is that the gold price rose again above $2,000 per ounce.…

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