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Inflation in Ukraine in 2022 below expectations

The Ukrainian Statistical Office reported that the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 26.6% in 2022, due to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The CPI was lower than the previously expected 30% increase, after rising 10% in 2021. In…

blue and yellow ukrainian flag waving above crowd of people

Ukrainian economy expected to contract by almost 32% this year

Ukraine’s Central Bank said Thursday (Oct. 27) that the Ukrainian economy will shrink by nearly 32% this year and inflation will reach 30%, largely due to the damage caused by Russia’s invasion. According to the report, Ukraine’s gross domestic product…

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Bank of Ukraine leaves interest rates unchanged at 25%

Ukraine’s central bank leaves interest rates unchanged at 25% and signals holding until 2024 Ukraine’s central bank has decided to leave the interest rate unchanged. It has also signaled that the bank will keep interest rates at this level until…


IMF plans $1.3 billion emergency loan for Ukraine

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will consider Ukraine’s request for an emergency loan of $1.3 billion on Thursday as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. IMF officials have prepared the necessary documents and believe that…

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Russia Finds Buyers for Crude Oil

While the EU is busy with sanctions talks against Russian oil, Russia has already opened new distribution channels for its energy products. China is reportedly buying at a discount price of $29 per barrel below the price before the Ukraine…

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Natural Gas Rises Above $7

The price of natural gas (Henry Hub) has risen to over $7, a price last recorded in 2008. Year on year, the price has already risen by over 92% and currently stands at $7,189. Russia, which is currently facing heavy…

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