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Palladium Prices Set for a Major Breakout

Few people are familiar with the element palladium, but it is firmly anchored in our everyday lives, namely in catalytic converters of cars, which convert the pollutants in the exhaust gases into harmless substances. It is also one of the…

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Energy Week Review

Oil Crude oil prices have been volatile this year, which is probably also due to speculation, as the price moves with almost any news related to Ukraine or Russia. However, the trend in oil prices remains upward, even though the…

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Coal Prices Rise 13% After EU Pushes for Embargo

Coal prices have risen again in the last seven days after Russian energy products, including coal, are again openly discussed. The EU Commission has come out in favor of tightening sanctions against Russia, which means a ban on energy products…

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Asia Stock Marktes Remain Deep Red

Today, Tuesday (March 8, 2022), the stock markets in Asia are still deep in the red. The current situation around Ukraine is causing great uncertainty among investors. While the stock markets are on fire, commodity prices are soaring. Oil prices…

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Inflation is Russia’s Fault Now

The inflation rate in the U.S. showed a further increase of 7.5% also for January 2022. Such an increase in the official consumer price index has not been seen in 40 years. Since the Fed and the White House do…

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