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Prices for “Green” Metals Rise Sharply

Metals used for green technologies have been rising sharply again in recent years. Lithium, nickel, tin, silver, copper, cobalt, or manganese are facing an ever-increasing demand. Political decision-makers see the focus for the future all together on the development of…

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Commodity Week Roundup

Energy Another positive week for the oil bulls more precisely the 9th week in a row in which oil prices could rise. WTI crude oil was able to gain 1.8% and closed on Friday at $83.98 per barrel. Brent crude…

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Commodity Week Roundup

Energy Crude oil rose for the 8th week in a row and is getting close to Wall Street’s announced target of $90 by year-end. Demand for crude oil continues to rise due to the recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic,…

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Commodity Week Roundup

Energy The energy sector is probably one of the most exciting sectors at the moment, with rising prices for crude oil, natural gas, and the unloved thermal coal.Crude oil has closed the 7th week in a row with a plus…

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Commodity week roundup

Energy Oil prices were strong again this week after demand continues to rise but supply is still struggling with supply bottlenecks. Brent crude oil could close the week with 1.52% in the plus at $79.28 per barrel.WTI crude oil has…

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Commodity week roundup

Energy Oil prices continue to rise for the third week in a row. Brent crude oil gains 4.94% this week and rises to $78.03 per barrel.WTI crude oil rises 4.91% to $73.95 per barrel. With demand rising and supply chain…

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