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Central Banks Do It, How About You?

Central banks of this world manage the fiat currency policy of their country or region. Even though they are responsible for the fiat currency units, central banks diversify their reserves with other safer assets. Preference is given to the acquisition…

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Germans Go for Time-Tested Asset: Gold

Gold has a long tradition in Germany, anchored in the minds of the population at least since the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. Even today, 100 years later, Germans still rely on gold as a safe haven. This was demonstrated…

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Inflation on the rise, defend your wealth now

Inflation on the rise Inflation has taken on more than alarming features in large parts of the world since the beginning of the year. Inflation figures from the U.S. have already risen to over 5%. In the EU, the inflation…

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Silver the forgotten asset?

Silver belongs to the precious metals but is also used in many industrial applications. Especially in the electrical industry because silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. In addition, it is also essential in the production of solar…

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