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Palladium Prices Set for a Major Breakout

Few people are familiar with the element palladium, but it is firmly anchored in our everyday lives, namely in catalytic converters of cars, which convert the pollutants in the exhaust gases into harmless substances. It is also one of the…

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The Top 5 Countries with the Largest Amount of Commodities

Commodities are of strategic importance to every country in the world, as the global economy would not function without them. Wars have been fought over commodities, and even today commodities are used as leverage for international business. This means that…

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Germans Go for Time-Tested Asset: Gold

Gold has a long tradition in Germany, anchored in the minds of the population at least since the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. Even today, 100 years later, Germans still rely on gold as a safe haven. This was demonstrated…

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Gold Consumption in China Saw Strong Recovery in 2021

Chinese gold demand rebounded strongly in 2021 after a slump in 2020, reports the World Gold Council. In 2021, Chinese gold consumption saw a strong upswing of 56% year on year. Demand for gold jewelry increased by as much as…

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Is Silver ready to take off?

Silver was able to crack the important $24 mark late Friday after Fed Chair Powell announced the current monetary policy will be maintained for now. Gold has already started a bull run in the last year and marked a new…

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