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Turkish Lira Plunges Amid Worst Inflation in 20 Years

The Turkish lira slid to 15.03 against the dollar on Monday, hitting a record low. Since 2021, the Turkish lira has fallen nearly 60% against the dollar amid the highest inflation in the United States in a long time. Turkey’s…

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Erdogan Plans to Cut Interest Rates Even Further

The inflation figures in Turkey for the month of December must have made many people in Turkey wince in horror. Inflation rose by over 36%, which was the highest increase in 19 years. The main driver of inflation is the…

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Lira Disaster as Example of Destructive Policies

“The closer the collapse of an Empire, the crazier its laws.” -MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO The wild lira roller coaster ride is entering a new round, and the long-term outlook for citizens is not good. Inflation in Turkey has already risen…

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