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Central Banks Do It, How About You?

Central banks of this world manage the fiat currency policy of their country or region. Even though they are responsible for the fiat currency units, central banks diversify their reserves with other safer assets. Preference is given to the acquisition…

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What’s Important Next Week

Asia In Thailand, GDP figures for Q4 21, export data for January, foreign capital flows are released. On Monday, the People’s Bank of China’s report on setting the LPR lending rate and the house price index for January will be…

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2022 Opportunity: Pick Up the Beaten Down Gold

“The stock is not the company. And the company is not the stock.” – Jeff Bezos With these words, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos explained why his company survived the dot.com crash. What did he mean by that? While the share…

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Gold Consumption in China increased by 36.53% in 2021

According to the China Gold Association, domestic gold consumption in 2021 is up by more than a third compared to 2020 as the economy recovers from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, gold consumption in 2021 increased by 36.53%…

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ESG Funds in Thailand Grow 10-fold

“Asia Plus Securities” indicates that the ESG trend is strong. The value of the funds has increased tenfold in the last 3 years, and the net asset value exceeds 36 billion, as investors pay more attention to sustainability. According to…

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MicroStrategy Acquires Bitcoins Worth $3.1 Billion

Major investment firms such as MicroStrategy have acquired 1,914 BTC for about $94.2 million in cash. As a result, the company’s total holdings of Bitcoin grew to 124,391 BTC or about $5.9 billion at current exchange rates. The average purchase…

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