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Why the Fed Rate Hike May Not Stop Inflation

Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated the Fed’s position on interest rates in his speech at an IMF-sponsored seminar Thursday (April 21, 2022). The Fed sees inflation running away and wants to use its tools to stop it. “Getting inflation back…

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ECB Maintains 0.00% Interest Rate Policy

The ECB published its interest rate decision today and unsurprisingly left interest rates at 0.00%. The decision could not offer any surprise, as analysts had already anticipated the rest of the current monetary policy. The deposit facility rate remains at…

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The Fed is Unlikely to Add Fuel to the Fire

Will the Federal Reserve’s first rate hike come or not? Until recently, analysts agreed that the Fed would raise rates slightly by 50 basis points at its mid-March FOMC meeting. At that time, however, there was no war in Ukraine…

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band

Fed Rate Hikes – Who Bids Higher?

After last week’s interest rate decision and the subsequent press conference, it was clear that interest rates would remain as they are for the time being and that the QE program is to be phased out in March. Fed Chairman…

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Lumber on the Way to Another Run Up?

Lumber prices have risen again in the first two weeks of the year. YTD lumber has already gained over 7% and currently stands at $1,307.10 per 1,000 board feet. Last year, lumber has already seen a sharp increase, ending at…

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Invest in gold now?

Gold was able to gain on Friday and close just below $1830. In recent months, the gold price was in a wait-and-see position and has mainly moved sideways. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has already announced in recent weeks that he…

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