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India’s GDP Growth in Q1/22 is the Slowest in a Year

Indian authorities reported yesterday (May 31) that India’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 4.1% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. Growth was the lowest in a year, following 5.4% in the fourth…

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China Lockdowns Depress Gold Jewelry Sales

As reported by the World Gold Council, gold demand has started the year well, with a 34% year-on-year increase. This is mainly due to exchange-traded funds and gold’s status as a safe haven. Demand for gold bars and coins was…

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India’s Imports from Russia Have More Than Tripled

The Indian local newspaper Financial Express reported that Indian imports from Russia have more than tripled since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis and now amount to $4.67 billion. India is caught between two fronts, on the one hand, Russian…

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Bank of India Raises Interest Rates by 0.40%

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raised its repo rate by 0.40% to 4.40% at its meeting on Wednesday, saying the continued spike in inflation has put pressure on the country’s economy. The yield on India’s 10-year government bond rose…

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The Top 5 Countries with the Largest Amount of Commodities

Commodities are of strategic importance to every country in the world, as the global economy would not function without them. Wars have been fought over commodities, and even today commodities are used as leverage for international business. This means that…

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Bank of India Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

At today’s meeting, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) kept its repo rate at 4% and the reverse repo rate, the central bank’s benchmark rate for borrowing from commercial banks, at 3.35%, a record low. Analysts had previously expected the…

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