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Indian rupee sinks to record low

The Indian rupee fell this morning. Domestic equity markets rose, and a slight decline in global crude oil prices failed to allay concerns about a global dollar shortage. The US dollar weakened today, while the euro gained. Europe may be…


India’s WPI inflation rises 15.18% in June

India’s wholesale inflation index (WPI) rose 15.18% YoY in June. This is a slowdown from the previous month when the increase was 15.88%. WPI fuel rose 40.38% YoY in June which is also a slight slowdown from a rise of…

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India’s Official Inflation Rate Remains Above 7%

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of India, the consumer price index (CPI) rose 7.04% on an annual basis in May. It slowed slightly after reaching an eight-year high of 7.79% in April, due to a slowdown in food…

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