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Russia exports $158 billion worth of energy since the war

Russia exported 158 billion euros ($158 billion) worth of energy in the six months following its invasion of Ukraine, with the EU accounting for more than half. The Energy and Clean Air Research Center calls for more effective sanctions against…

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Gazprom begins to reduce gas supplies to France

French utility Engie said Russian energy giant Gazprom will cut its gas supplies from Aug. 30 due to disagreements over some contracts, indicating that energy supplies in Europe are becoming increasingly problematic. The announcement came after the French prime minister…

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Europe must expect further cuts in Russian oil and gas exports

Europe is facing a new round of energy disruptions following reports of damage to oil pipelines from Kazakhstan via Russia. This situation will only increase concerns about Europe’s energy supply problem. The Caspian Pipeline Association (CPC), which manages about 1%…

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Italian manufacturers rush to cut production to save energy

The chairman of Italy’s Ministry for Environmental Change said Italy’s energy-intensive industries are adjusting their production to save energy after facing high electricity costs. Italy imported almost 40% of its gas from Russia last year. Numerous agreements have been reached…

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