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U.S. Dollar Remains Supposed Safe Haven

U.S. stock markets are all down YTD. Gold is also down YTD after the latest downturn. Inflation concerns, recession fears, and most importantly, global equity markets have wiped out $11 trillion in assets over the last 5 weeks. Not an…

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ECB Maintains 0.00% Interest Rate Policy

The ECB published its interest rate decision today and unsurprisingly left interest rates at 0.00%. The decision could not offer any surprise, as analysts had already anticipated the rest of the current monetary policy. The deposit facility rate remains at…

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ECB Vice President Signals Inflation to Remain High for 2022

Luis de Guindos Vice President of the ECB signals high inflation for 2022, contradicting the ECB’s previous statements that inflation will be only transitory. On Monday, he said in an interview with radio station COPE: “Our inflation is more persistent…

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The Crypto Regulators are Coming

Cryptocurrencies are very popular among people who want to escape the centralization of finance and enjoy a bit of freedom without a middleman. Making a transfer of currency without a third party in the middle can very well be seen…

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