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“Celsius,” a major crypto lender, files for bankruptcy

Celsius Network, one of the largest cryptocurrency lending platforms in the world, has filed for bankruptcy protection in U.S. court under Section 11 of the Bankruptcy Code after the company was hit hard by volatility in the crypto market. Celsius…

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Where Have the Bitcoin Bulls Gone?

Bitcoin, no other cryptocurrency is able to divide parts of the population like the most popular cryptocurrency of them all. For some, it’s freedom, sound money, and a fascination; for others, it’s a worthless, money-destroying asset with nothing behind it.…

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Crypto Stocks Plummet in Asia as Terra Collapses

Asian stocks related to cryptocurrencies fall after the collapse of the stablecoin TerraUSD or UST. Shares of Japanese company Monex Group Inc, which owns trading platform “TradeStation” and Czech company “Coincheck”, fell 8.6% to the lowest level in about 16…

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Thailand’s Crypto Community Receives a Tough Setback

For a long time, it was thought that Thailand would play a pioneering role in the field of cryptocurrencies and their acceptance. Already in several coffee shops or shopping stores, you could see the crypto tokens accepted as a means…

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Bitcoin Continues to Move Below $40,000 Mark

Bitcoin remains in a downtrend for now, after the price jumped back to over $45,000 a good two weeks ago. Today, the bitcoin price moves at $38,032.61 in the evening in Asia. That said, when looking at the daily chart,…

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BIS Confirms that CBDC is a Control Tool

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is a bank that not many people have on their radar, but it is something like the supreme central bank – or the central bank of central banks. The BIS is currently working with…

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