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pile of gray metal drumt inside factory

Aluminum Prices Surpass 2008 Levels

Aluminum prices remain hot this year with prices already up 15% this year. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, prices have increased by over 80% and are currently at $3,237.40 per ton, a higher level than at the time…

american flag and money falling down


As you should have noticed by now, inflation has become part of our daily lives. When driving to the gas station or going to the supermarket, prices for essentials like gasoline (+42%) or beef (+15%) have skyrocketed. If you are…

nuclear power plant

Commodity Week Roundup

Energy The energy sector is probably one of the most exciting sectors at the moment, with rising prices for crude oil, natural gas, and the unloved thermal coal.Crude oil has closed the 7th week in a row with a plus…

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