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Germans Go for Time-Tested Asset: Gold

Gold has a long tradition in Germany, anchored in the minds of the population at least since the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. Even today, 100 years later, Germans still rely on gold as a safe haven. This was demonstrated…

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The Fed is Unlikely to Add Fuel to the Fire

Will the Federal Reserve’s first rate hike come or not? Until recently, analysts agreed that the Fed would raise rates slightly by 50 basis points at its mid-March FOMC meeting. At that time, however, there was no war in Ukraine…

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Russia Sanctions Push Nickel Price Above $100,000

The nickel price on the London Metal Exchange (LME) reached an all-time high of $101,350 per ton today (March 8), up 110.80%, RT reports. Since the beginning of 2022, nickel prices have increased by 388%. Investors are concerned that nickel…

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Gold Consumption in China Saw Strong Recovery in 2021

Chinese gold demand rebounded strongly in 2021 after a slump in 2020, reports the World Gold Council. In 2021, Chinese gold consumption saw a strong upswing of 56% year on year. Demand for gold jewelry increased by as much as…

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Tight Supply Pushes Aluminum Prices to New Highs

Aluminum prices have risen to a new high and are now already at $3,732.30 per ton. Yesterday alone, the aluminum price had increased by almost 6% and could increase by a good 72% within a year. Supply on the aluminum…

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