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Twin Defeats for Climate Change Advocates in 2022

At last year’s climate conference, France and Japan both advocated a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels. Both want to follow the ambitious plans of decarbonization and convert their countries from so-called clean energies. But for the start of 2022, both…

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Thermal Coal Continues to Advance

Newcastle coal futures continue to rise and are now up more than 40% YTD. Price data shows that at the turn of the year the price per ton was still around $155 whereas now it has already reached $224 per…

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IEA Reports New Highs for Coal-fired Electricity

The IEA reported today that increases in energy consumption in China, India and the United States could push demand for coal-fired power plants to record levels this year. In turn, this will undermine efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global…

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