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China’s coal imports from Russia at 5-year high in August

According to China’s customs authority, China imported more coal from Russia in August than in July, reaching at least its highest level in five years. China is seeking overseas power suppliers to meet peak demand during extreme heat. According to…

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India’s coal demand increases, while China’s drops

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), domestic coal demand in India is expected to increase by 7% for the full year from early 2022 as the country’s economy grows and electricity consumption increases. In contrast, coal consumption in China…

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Coal prices pick up again with record demand

Coal prices are picking up again after peaking in early 2022 and are now looking at the $420 per tonne hurdle. Coal demand is set to reach record levels in 2022, says the International Energy Agency. According to the agency,…

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Putin warns West against the expansion of sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of serious consequences for the West if the West expands its sanctions. He said in a meeting with government officials, “Further application of the sanctions policy can lead to even more serious, without exaggeration even…

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