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Twin Defeats for Climate Change Advocates in 2022

At last year’s climate conference, France and Japan both advocated a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels. Both want to follow the ambitious plans of decarbonization and convert their countries from so-called clean energies. But for the start of 2022, both…

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U.S. President to Attend G20 and COP26 Summits

The U.S. president will attend the G20 summit in Europe this week. Energy prices, Iran’s nuclear program, and the supply chain crisis are to be discussed there, suggesting that the U.S. will again work with its partners. During this summit,…

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The UK Invests $13 Billion in Green Projects

“Green is good,” said British Prime Minister Johnson to encourage climate investment. The United Kingdom announces nearly 10 billion pounds ($13.72 billion) in private investment in green projects. It hosted the London Investment Summit, which was attended by 200 of…

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Is the $6 target for natural gas still reasonable?

This winter has attracted more investors to the natural gas market than ever before. The price of natural gas futures has risen this year to its highest level in seven years. Meanwhile, prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) have also…

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