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The Two Things Investors Should Keep an Eye On

These are certainly special times we are experiencing at the moment, from the virus pandemic, new all-time highs in the stock markets, commodity boom to the war in Ukraine. Investors are certainly thinking about how best to position themselves in…

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Central Banks Do It, How About You?

Central banks of this world manage the fiat currency policy of their country or region. Even though they are responsible for the fiat currency units, central banks diversify their reserves with other safer assets. Preference is given to the acquisition…

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BIS Confirms that CBDC is a Control Tool

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is a bank that not many people have on their radar, but it is something like the supreme central bank – or the central bank of central banks. The BIS is currently working with…

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Physical Silver Investment Could Rise in Double Digits in 2022

According to the Silver Institute, the physical silver investment could rise by double digits this year. The reasons for this are the macroeconomic uncertainties and increased inflationary pressure. This is expected to drive investors into silver as a safe haven…

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India on China’s Crypto Tracks

It was not long ago that China declared war on cryptocurrencies and summarily banned them again. China, where once a large number of Bitcoin farms were, have all emigrated. Now the Indian government wants to ban trading in cryptocurrencies. This…

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