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KUB in Downtrend Along with Crypto Market

Bitkub Coin continues to hit new lows along with the crypto market which has started to reverse and turn into a downtrend. Yesterday, the price of the KUB coin fell from the daily high at ฿239 to the daily low…

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Bitkub KUB Coin Hits 315 Baht, Fools Traders Badly

The price of the Bitkub KUB coin seems to have climbed back up on the first Monday of the week after falling low yesterday. This visibly came as a surprise as crypto markets are in a downturn. Bitkub’s KUBTHB chart…

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Bitkub and Thongtang Group Launch “Bitkub World Tech”

Bitkub is joining forces with Thongtang Group to form a joint venture company “Bitkub World Tech” to develop digital technology education, with the expectation that Thailand will become a “blockchain hub” to help the country out of the middle-income trap.…

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Bitkub Coin Drops After Tax News

The bitcoin price fell below $42,000 yesterday, causing other altcoins to follow suit, this also dragged down the KUB Coin. The KUBTHB chart shows that the price of the KUB coin has fallen to an initial low in 2022 of…

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KUB Coin Fell Sharply

Today, the price of the KUB coin, popular among Thai investors, fell from a high of 438 baht to 351 baht before slowly rising slightly. Traders across the crypto market started getting anxiety symptoms and sold the coins to avoid…

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CoinEx will List Bitkub Coin – KUB Hits 500 Baht

The Bitkub Coin price re-entered the bull market on Monday evening and climbed to a price of 500 baht. The incident occurred after the global exchange platform CoinEx posted a list of coins including KUB on the board and Gate.io…

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