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Oil prices rise as traders assess demand outlook

Oil prices have rebounded from a three-week low as investors assessed demand prospects in the wake of the recent global Covid-19 rally. Delta expressed concern about the short-term demand outlook and hurt the oil price hike, which caused oil prices…

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Global Warming UN Climate Summit COP26

Why is COP26 being held, and what is a climate conference? The meeting is organized by the United Nations as COP26, or Conference of the Parties. Heads of state and government from 196 countries around the world will meet in…

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Precious Metals & Energy – Weekly Review

The U.S. jobs report released on Friday showed that the economy is moving towards recovery. Better than expected was the conclusion underneath. The hope for an early return to the pre-pandemic period was reawakened by the jobs report. Now the…

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Gold market sells-off

“Better than expected,” the U.S. Labor Department reported that nonfarm payrolls rose to 943,000 in July. This number was well above analysts’ estimates of 870,000. This fueled expectations for the Fed’s stimulus package and negatively impacted gold prices, which fell…

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