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Inflation 101

Inflation Inflation is the increase in the money supply by a central bank also called monetary inflation. Monetary inflation lowers the real value of the currency.Monetary inflation results in price inflation. Price inflation occurs when a higher amount of money…

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What Are Carbon Credits

In 2015, leaders around the world gathered together in Paris to face climate change. As a result of this meeting, the target is to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.[1] In order to reach this…

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A matter of character

Successful investors are very often called smart or intelligent investors. They are, otherwise, they would not be that successful. So is there a link between the success of an intelligent investor and his IQ? Let’s get to the bottom of…

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The Conception of Risk

An old cliché describes stocks of any kind as a risky investment. Bonds on the other hand, especially first-class bonds are considered a safe investment. But to what extent does this perception correspond to reality? Let’s check the fundamentals. The…

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What Is ESG And Why It Matters

As the Bank of America describes it “good companies make good stocks”. But ESG factors are more than a feel-good factor by investing in a company. Companies with higher ESG ratings tend to have lower stock price volatility. In addition,…

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