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Bitcoin falls almost 7% and hovers at $18,834

The bitcoin price fell 6.82% this morning (July 1) to $18,834.3 The negative performance of the bitcoin price is due to concerns about a recession in the US. Investors are concerned that the Federal Reserve’s accelerated rate hike and balance…

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Bitcoin fell by 2%, and bitcoin mining revenue decline

The bitcoin price fell 2.00% early this morning (June 29) to $20,400.29. After the Dow Jones Industrial closed down 491 points on Tuesday (June 28), bitcoin moved into negative territory this morning. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 491.27 points,…

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Bitcoin rises 3% and continues to move above $21,000

The bitcoin price rose 3.69% this morning (June 25) to $21,238.90. Bitcoin’s morning rally came after the Dow Jones Industrial closed up 823 points on Friday (June 24). The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 823.32 points, or 2.68%, to close…

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