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Musk says one billion Twitter users is the goal

Elon Musk wants to get involved in the service’s product development after his acquisition of Twitter, he said Thursday in a video conference with Twitter employees. His ideas include, for example, charging for verification, which is currently free, and fighting…

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China to ban ‘dirty industries’ in key zones

China wants to take another step towards a cleaner China and will therefore ban projects in key zones that pollute the air, water, and soil. For this purpose, new steel, coking, oil refineries, cement, and glass projects will be banned.…

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Asian Stock Markets Closed Lower into the Weekend

—– The Hang Seng in Hong Kong closed lower as investors worried that inflation numbers in the U.S. would remain high and cause the Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise interest rates. The losers were TradeGo Fin Tech-21.74%, KPM Holding-20.99%, and…

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Where Have the Bitcoin Bulls Gone?

Bitcoin, no other cryptocurrency is able to divide parts of the population like the most popular cryptocurrency of them all. For some, it’s freedom, sound money, and a fascination; for others, it’s a worthless, money-destroying asset with nothing behind it.…

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Is This the Next Bull Flag for Oil Prices?

Crude oil prices continue to remain stable above $100 per barrel, which has caused consumer anger since the global economic recovery. This week, BRENT futures rose 5.14% to close at $119.25 per barrel. WTI futures closed up 4.33% this week…

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Russia Finds Buyers for Crude Oil

While the EU is busy with sanctions talks against Russian oil, Russia has already opened new distribution channels for its energy products. China is reportedly buying at a discount price of $29 per barrel below the price before the Ukraine…

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