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Foreign Tourist Arrivals in Thailand Surpass 23 Million, Upward Trend Continues

Thailand witnessed a surge in foreign traveler arrivals, exceeding 23 million individuals, announced by the Minister of Tourism and Sports. Last week (13-19 Nov. 2023) alone, the country welcomed a total of 612,904 foreign tourists, indicating a modest increase of 1,783 visitors compared to the previous week, marking a 0.29% rise. On average, 87,558 foreign nationals visited Thailand daily during this period.

Among the top five contributors to Thailand’s foreign tourism, Malaysia led the pack with 83,900 visitors, followed closely by China with 72,693 visitors. Russia, India, and South Korea rounded up the top spots, with 41,408, 38,466, and 34,397 tourists, respectively.

Notably, the South Asian tourist demographic demonstrated significant growth, accounting for 36.98% of the recent increase, primarily attributed to post-Diwali travel from India. The easing of visa regulations and near-term market recoveries, particularly from India, China, and South Korea, further propelled this growth.

Anticipating a continued uptick in tourism, officials project an increase in tourists, supported by a rise in flight frequencies coinciding with the onset of the winter travel season. The relaxation of immigration protocols, including the temporary suspension of the Immigration 6 card at the Sadao checkpoint and visa waivers for select countries, is expected to enhance tourist influx from Europe and East Asia.

Despite the positive trend in tourism, both international and domestic sectors are still grappling with challenges. Escalating fuel prices, persistent inflation, global economic deceleration, and ongoing conflicts like the situation in Israel have influenced the tourism landscape.

Since the beginning of 2023, Thailand has hosted a cumulative total of 23,854,242 tourists, generating foreign tourist spending amounting to 1,010,206 million baht. The top five contributors to these arrivals include Malaysia (3,908,345), China (2,975,155), South Korea (1,410,355), India (1,393,178), and Russia (1,211,611).

The continued growth in tourist arrivals signals positive momentum for Thailand’s tourism industry, even as it grapples with multifaceted challenges on both national and global fronts.

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