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World Today: Today’s News Summary

October 31, 2023

In a comprehensive roundup of today’s global events, we bring you the latest updates on key developments around the world.

China’s Manufacturing PMI Shrinks, Casting Shadows on Economic Recovery

China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported today that the Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) contracted more than anticipated in October. This data overshadows recent positive indicators suggesting China’s economic resurgence.

Israeli Prime Minister Rejects Ceasefire, Citing Resistance to Terrorism

Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, declared today that Israel will not entertain the idea of a ceasefire. He argued that agreeing to such a truce would amount to surrendering to the armed group Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

World Bank Warns of Middle East Tensions Impact on Oil Supply and Prices

The World Bank released a report today cautioning that escalating tensions in the Middle East may disrupt oil supply and subsequently drive up global oil prices.

Canada Bans WeChat Application on Government Equipment

Canada has imposed an immediate ban on the use of the WeChat application, owned by China’s Tencent Group, on government equipment. WeChat, often described as an all-in-one application, incorporates features reminiscent of WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and Tinder within a single platform.

US President Biden Issues Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

On Monday, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order addressing artificial intelligence (AI). This order paves the way for a comprehensive framework of regulations and security initiatives aimed at guiding the development of advanced AI technology.

Samsung Predicts Gradual Chip Demand Recovery in 2024

Samsung Electronics Company anticipates a gradual recovery in chip demand by 2024. This projection follows its reporting of the highest quarterly profit for the year. Meanwhile, the memory chip market has started to show signs of rebounding from a recent downturn.

Chinese Tourist Influx in the Philippines

Mr. Marvin Rillo, vice chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives, revealed that the number of Chinese tourists visiting the Philippines during the first nine months of this year totaled at least 207,932 individuals.

Alibaba Upgrades AI Model for Industry-Specific Applications

Alibaba, a prominent Chinese technology company, announced today that it has upgraded “Tongyi Qianwen,” an artificial intelligence (AI) model. The company is now prepared to launch a series of industry-specific AI models, joining the fierce competition in the AI sector.

Chinese Customs Ends Health Form Requirements for Travelers

The Xinhua news agency reported that Chinese customs authorities have abolished the requirement for health form submissions for both inbound and outbound travelers.

Vietnam in Talks to Attract Chipmakers

Despite concerns raised by US industry officials about high costs, two business executives revealed that Vietnam is engaged in discussions with a group of chipmakers to facilitate investment in the country. This could potentially lead to the establishment of Vietnam’s first chip factory.

BP’s 3Q2023 Profits Below Expectations

British energy giant BP reported a third-quarter 2023 profit of $3.3 billion, falling short of analysts’ expectations. Strong oil trading and refinery margins were overshadowed by weak gas business profits.

Gold Demand in India Threatened by Record-High Prices

The World Gold Council (WGC) issued a statement today, warning that gold prices nearing record highs in India could result in a significant drop in gold demand during the normally robust festival season, potentially reaching a three-year low.

Hong Kong’s Economic Growth Slows in 3rd Quarter

Hong Kong’s economic growth in the third quarter of 2023 fell short of expectations, signaling a deceleration in its recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak. The city, known as Asia’s financial center, faces economic challenges.

French Economy Expands at Slower Pace in 3rd Quarter

The French National Statistics Office (INSEE) released preliminary data on October 31, indicating that the French economy grew by 0.1% in the third quarter of 2023. While this marks a slower pace of expansion compared to the previous quarter, it remains above the 0% threshold, thanks to support from household spending.

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