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Thailand Sets Ambitious Goal to Expand Poultry Exports to China, Aims for 1 Billion Baht in First Year

Thailand is gearing up to bolster its poultry exports to China, with a strategic target of reaching 1 billion baht in the first year. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that this move comes as part of a broader effort to expand the poultry market in China.

During a Cabinet meeting, it was decided to endorse the signing of a protocol amendment agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Customs Office of the People’s Republic of China. This amendment pertains to the inspection, quarantine, and veterinary hygiene criteria for the export of frozen poultry and poultry parts from Thailand to China.

The decision to amend the protocol stems from the fact that Thailand and China had an existing agreement for the export of chicken and chicken parts. However, this agreement was limited to chicken-related products only.

To capitalize on the Chinese market’s potential, Thailand has sought to diversify its exports to include duck products and duck parts. This expansion encompasses a total of 18 items, ranging from duck feet to duck wing joints and duck middle wings.

Officials in the livestock sector anticipate significant economic gains with the opening of the duck market in China. It is projected that in the initial year alone, exports could reach a value of at least 1 billion baht. Consequently, the Cabinet approved the amendment to the existing protocol to incorporate the list of duck products and parts.

The responsibility to sign this protocol amendment has been entrusted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and authorized representatives. Given that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, is scheduled to undertake an official visit to China from October 16th to 19th, 2023, it is expected that this agreement will be inked during the Prime Minister’s visit.

In addition to expanding poultry exports, the Cabinet has also greenlit a protocol related to food safety, veterinary standards, and plant protection for the export of bee products from Thailand to China. This initiative will pave the way for beekeepers and bee product manufacturers to access a broader export market.

Furthermore, Thailand is preparing to facilitate additional trade by establishing hygiene standards through a protocol for the export of fresh passion fruit and pine trees from Thailand to China, further diversifying its export portfolio.

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