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Thai Commerce Initiates Market Expansion for Thai Products in Saudi Arabia and Egypt

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), under the Ministry of Commerce, has reported successful outcomes from a trade delegation’s mission to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This mission, focused on promoting Thai products, especially halal goods, took place from August 25 to 31. The collaboration involved the DITP, the Office of Foreign Trade Promotion in Jeddah, and the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The trade negotiations, aimed at broadening export opportunities for a range of products, encompassed categories such as halal foods, fruits, household items, and automotive parts, among others. The efforts to foster new trade relationships included meetings between Thai entrepreneurs and buyers-importers from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The trade discussions in Jeddah were conducted at The Venue Jeddah Hotel on August 26, with Mr. Kitinai Nutakul, Consul General in Jeddah, presiding over the opening ceremony. The event, titled “Saudi-Thai Business Matching 2023,” attracted the participation of 26 companies specializing in halal and other promising products. Impressively, over 200 Saudi businessmen expressed their interest in exploring potential collaborations.

The total value of orders generated during this event amounted to USD 5,250,000, equivalent to approximately 183,750,000 baht (calculated at the exchange rate of 1 USD to 35 baht). Feedback from participating operators indicated an overall satisfaction rate exceeding 97%.

Turning to Cairo, the Thai-Egyptian B2B Matching Event 2023 unfolded at the Cairo Marriott Hotel on August 29, 2023, with Mr. Phutthaphon Iwtoksan, Ambassador to Cairo, presiding over the opening ceremony. This event featured the participation of 25 companies specializing in halal and other potential products, with more than 100 Egyptian business importers demonstrating keen interest in forging business ties.

The value of orders generated during the Cairo event reached USD 2,209,000, which equates to approximately 77,315,000 baht (at an exchange rate of 1 USD to 35 baht). Remarkably, feedback from participating operators conveyed an overall satisfaction rate exceeding 98%.

These successful trade missions signify the Ministry of Commerce’s dedicated efforts to expand the reach of Thai products into international markets. The focus on halal products, in particular, highlights Thailand’s commitment to catering to diverse consumer preferences and fostering mutually beneficial trade relationships with nations in the Middle East and beyond.

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