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Research Reveals 4 in 5 Workers in Asia at Risk of Mental Health Challenges

A recent study, based on findings from insurance companies Aon and TELUS Health, has shed light on the prevalence of mental health challenges among workers in Asia. The report underscores the significant concerns faced by employees in the region, with a striking 82%, or 4 in 5 workers, deemed to be at moderate or high risk of experiencing mental health disorders.

The comprehensive survey uncovered that 35% of employees in Asia fall into the high-risk category for mental health challenges, while an additional 47% are categorized as being at moderate risk.

These revealing insights were gleaned from a survey conducted in November 2022, involving a sample of 13,000 employees across 12 countries and territories in Asia. Notably, the study highlighted that 51% of respondents reported heightened sensitivity to stress compared to the previous year, suggesting a growing trend in mental health concerns.

“While the end of the COVID-19 pandemic appeared to be on the horizon in 2022, workers across Asia continue to grapple with an array of new stressors,” noted the Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific at TELUS Health.

Among the countries and territories surveyed, South Korea exhibited the highest percentage of employees at risk of mental health disorders, with 44% identified as such. Malaysia followed closely behind with 42%, while Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand reported figures of 41%, 40%, and 29%, respectively.

These findings underscore the pressing need for organizations and policymakers in Asia to prioritize mental health initiatives and provide support mechanisms for employees. Addressing mental health challenges has become increasingly crucial in today’s dynamic work environment, and the survey results emphasize the importance of creating workplaces that prioritize the well-being of their workforce.

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