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Elon Musk Proposes Monthly Subscription Fee for X Users to Combat Bot Presence

In a bid to tackle the persistent issue of bots on the platform, Mr. Elon Musk has unveiled plans for X (formerly known as Twitter) to introduce a monthly subscription fee for all its users. The initiative aims to deter bot activities while ensuring the financial burden on users remains minimal. Importantly, this subscription fee is separate from the existing X Blue service, previously referred to as Twitter Blue, which offers premium features for a monthly fee of $8 and has already been in operation for some time. Musk has gradually expanded access to paid features for X users.

During a livestream conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Musk elaborated on X’s strategy, emphasizing the need to charge an affordable subscription fee to all users in addition to the fees collected from X Blue service subscribers.

Musk pointed out that the relatively low cost of creating bots has become a significant concern. However, by requiring X users to verify their identity through a modest payment, the cost of deploying multiple bots would skyrocket, making it a less appealing option for those intending to engage in such activities.

The entrepreneur underscored that imposing a fee on every member is the most effective approach to counter the proliferation of bots. He highlighted that the artificial intelligence (AI) currently employed by bots has become increasingly adept at passing CAPTCHA tests, traditionally used for bot detection.

Elon Musk had previously asserted, “The only social networks that will survive are those that require verification.” The payment system serves as an identity verification method that substantially elevates the cost associated with creating a bot, making it approximately 10,000 times more expensive.

As the battle against bots on social media platforms intensifies, X’s move to implement a subscription fee represents a significant step forward in addressing this ongoing challenge. By leveraging identity verification and the economic disincentive of a subscription fee, X aims to create a more authentic and secure online environment for its users.

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