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World Today: Key News Highlights for the Day

Here are today’s top news stories from around the world:

1. Eastern Libya Flooding: Abdulmenam al-Qaithi, the mayor of Derna, a port city in eastern Libya, revealed that the death toll from recent floods could reach between 18,000 to 20,000 people. The devastation follows the failure of two dams, leading to widespread destruction in multiple districts.

2. Putin’s North Korea Visit: North Korean state news agency KCNA reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted an invitation from Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to visit North Korea. The meeting between Putin and Kim emphasized the cooperation and friendship between their nations.

3. AI Protections Meeting: Executives from major technology companies and civil rights leaders convened for a meeting with members of the US Senate in Congress to discuss potential protections for artificial intelligence (AI).

4. EU-China Electric Car Subsidy Dispute: In response to the European Union’s investigation into electric car subsidies, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) criticized the move. Additionally, China’s government newspaper, Global Times, suggested that China should consider countermeasures.

5. Taiwan’s Non-Sale Stance: Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that Taiwan is not for sale and is not part of China, following a statement from Elon Musk asserting that Taiwan is an important part of China.

6. Foxconn Founder’s Running Mate: Terry Guo, the founder of Foxconn, has chosen Taiwanese actress Tammy Lai as his vice presidential running mate in the Taiwan presidential election.

7. iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns: Belgium’s Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation, Matthew Michel, plans to request that telecommunications regulators investigate health risks associated with the iPhone 12 handset following the suspension of its sale in France due to elevated radiation levels.

8. German Investigation on iPhone 12 Radiation: Germany’s federal network regulator announced its intention to investigate radiation concerns related to iPhone 12 handsets intended for the German market. This move is in response to the ongoing French investigation, and it may serve as a guideline for Europe.

9. Google Job Cuts: Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is cutting hundreds of jobs in its global recruiting division as part of a broader policy of downsizing over the coming quarters.

10. Surging Durian Demand: HSBC Bank released a report forecasting a 400% surge in global demand for durian. This spike is attributed to the growing popularity of durian in China.

Stay informed with these key news highlights from around the world.

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