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Chinese Embassy Applauds Thailand’s Visa-Free Policy for Chinese Tourists

In a move celebrated by both the Chinese Embassy and travel enthusiasts, the Thai government has granted approval for a visa-free policy aimed at Chinese tourists. This welcoming development was met with delight and gratitude by the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, who expressed their appreciation on social media.

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand responded to the Thai government’s announcement with an official statement posted on their Facebook page on Wednesday, September 13th. The statement from the Chinese Embassy spokesperson underscored the strong bond between Chinese travelers and the Land of Smiles.

The spokesperson stated, “Chinese people have a deep affinity for exploring the beauty of Thailand. The Thai government’s decision to implement a visa-free policy for Chinese tourists is a remarkable step forward. This policy not only simplifies travel for Chinese visitors but also promises to bolster Thailand’s tourism industry and contribute to its economic recovery. We wholeheartedly welcome this progressive policy and stand ready to provide any necessary support.”

In addition to expressing their appreciation, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand also appealed to the Thai government to enhance their efforts in ensuring the well-being of Chinese tourists. The spokesperson noted, “While we applaud this visa-free initiative, we also encourage the Thai authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of Chinese tourists. We hope that Thailand will offer even safer and more exceptional tourism services to our travelers.”

This milestone visa-free policy announcement coincided with the unveiling of Thailand’s new Prime Minister, Mr. Settha Thavisin’s, inaugural Cabinet resolution. Among the measures introduced was the temporary granting of free visas to both Chinese and Kazakhstani tourists. This policy, in effect from September 25, 2023, to February 29, 2024, serves as a strategic move to stimulate and invigorate Thai tourism.

The Thai government’s decision not only signals their commitment to boosting tourism but also reflects the enduring friendship and tourism potential between China and Thailand. As the visa-free policy takes effect, it paves the way for increased travel, cultural exchange, and economic collaboration between the two nations.

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