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Today’s Global News Highlights: French Minister Raises iPhone Radiation Concerns, Thai Tourism Recovery, Binance.US CEO Resigns, Oil Prices Surge, South Korea Tightens Credit Regulations, UK Economy Shrinks, and More

Here are some of today’s key global news highlights:

  1. iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns in France: French Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barrot has voiced concerns about the radiation levels of the “iPhone 12” in an interview with Le Parisien. As a result, Apple may need to halt sales of the device in France.
  2. Thai Tourism Recovery: William Heinecke, founder of Minor Company International Public Company Limited, believes that Thai tourism is poised for a recovery. This optimism is fueled by the restoration of diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia and the return of Chinese tourists.
  3. Binance.US CEO Resigns: Binance.US, a cryptocurrency exchange linked to Binance in the United States, has announced the resignation of its CEO, Brian Schroeder. The company will also cut over 100 jobs, reflecting operational challenges following legal action by regulators.
  4. Oil Prices Surge: Oil prices have experienced a slight rise, maintaining their 10-month high. This surge comes amid expectations of a tightening global oil supply and concerns about supply disruptions in Libya, overshadowing worries about dwindling demand in some countries, including China.
  5. South Korea Tightens Credit Regulations: South Korea’s financial regulator is set to tighten specific credit regulations to curb household debt. The move comes in response to increased demand for home loans, leading to the highest level of household borrowing in two years in August.
  6. UK Economy Contracts: The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that the UK economy contracted at its fastest rate this year in July. This decline is attributed to strikes in hospitals and schools impacting the manufacturing sector.
  7. Cambodian Consulate in Thailand: The Cambodian Embassy in Thailand has expressed full support for establishing a consulate in southern Thailand. This initiative aims to provide closer services to Cambodian workers residing and working in the region.
  8. Qantas’ Legal Setback: Australia’s High Court has rejected Qantas’ request to change its ruling regarding the airline’s illegal layoffs of 1,700 employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These headlines offer a snapshot of today’s global developments, encompassing various sectors and regions, reflecting the dynamic nature of international news.

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