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German Wholesale Prices Experience Fifth Consecutive Month of Decline in August

The German Federal Statistical Office has released data indicating that wholesale prices in Germany have continued to decline for the fifth consecutive month in August. This decline is primarily attributed to lower prices for mineral oil products. Here is an overview of the key findings:

  • Wholesale prices in Germany experienced a year-on-year decrease of 2.7% in August. This prolonged trend of falling prices in wholesale trade reflects the ongoing impact of reduced prices in the mineral oil sector.
  • The easing of price pressure within wholesale trade is expected to have a subsequent impact on German consumer inflation in the coming months. Wholesale businesses serve as intermediaries between producers and consumers, and changes in wholesale prices often take some time to influence consumer prices.
  • For the month of August, Germany’s general inflation rate registered at 6.4%. This figure demonstrates the potential for a broader decline in consumer prices as the effects of reduced wholesale prices begin to materialize.

It is worth noting that despite the continued decline in wholesale prices on a yearly basis, there was a modest monthly increase of 0.2% in wholesale prices for the month of August.

The data from the German Federal Statistical Office underscores the intricate relationship between wholesale and consumer prices, highlighting the potential for changes in the wholesale sector to impact broader economic indicators, such as inflation rates.

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