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England Faces the Risk of Losing 95,000 Jobs without Increased Investment in Clean Energy

A report from the Energy Transition Institute at Roberts University in Gordon, Scotland, has sounded the alarm, warning that England could miss out on the chance to create as many as 95,000 jobs if it doesn’t significantly boost investment in the clean energy sector. This urgency arises in the context of a declining demand for oil and gas.

The director of the Energy Transition Institute emphasized the vast potential for workforce expansion if England manages to achieve its clean energy objectives. However, progress in this crucial area has been too sluggish, and the consequences could be dire. A failure to expedite the transition may lead to a worrisome 15% decline in jobs within the offshore energy sector by the decade’s end.

The United Kingdom has set ambitious climate targets for 2030, aiming to secure 50 gigawatts of offshore wind power. In addition, the government has committed to constructing 10 gigawatts of hydrogen power and carbon storage facilities. These facilities are designed to capture up to 30 million tons of carbon annually by 2030.

While the UK stands as the world’s second-largest offshore wind energy market, the sector has encountered challenges. Inflationary pressures and rising costs have hindered its growth. The recent auctioning of several new offshore energy projects faced difficulties attracting bidders, adding to the sector’s woes.

The report underscores a significant potential workforce transition, with many job openings in the clean energy sector being filled by workers originally employed in the fossil energy industry. If the transition proves successful, the offshore energy sector could expand its workforce by approximately 50%.

The Energy Transition Institute firmly states that there remains a substantial opportunity to create numerous jobs. However, the failure to achieve the clean energy transition would squander these prospects, and the window of opportunity would begin to close.

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