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Thailand Ranks 29th in the Best Countries in the World for 2023; Switzerland Claims Top Position

In a notable recognition of its global standing, Thailand has secured the 29th position in the prestigious “Best Countries 2023” ranking, as reported by the U.S. News and World Report. The Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., announced this achievement via Facebook on September 8th.

The “Best Countries 2023” report evaluates nations on various criteria to determine their overall ranking on the global stage. Among 87 countries assessed, Thailand secured the 29th spot, underscoring its multifaceted strengths and contributions to the world.

The report acknowledges Thailand’s importance in the global landscape, emphasizing its robust agricultural sector and competitive manufacturing industry. Furthermore, Thailand’s commendable performance is attributed to its low poverty and unemployment rates, contributing to its overall resilience and growth. Thailand has also distinguished itself as the world’s leading rice exporter and holds prominent positions in textiles, tin production, and electronics manufacturing. The integration of Western education and technology into Thai society, coupled with a predominantly Buddhist population, reflects the nation’s openness to global influences.

Simultaneously, Thailand stands as one of the world’s foremost tourist destinations, with the tourism sector contributing significantly to its gross domestic product (GDP), accounting for 7%. This recognition underscores the country’s appeal to international visitors and its role as a global tourism hotspot.

Switzerland claimed the top position in the “Best Countries 2023” ranking, reaffirming its status as a global leader. Notably, Canada, Sweden, Australia, and the United States followed closely, securing the 2nd to 5th positions, respectively.

Among Asian countries, Japan achieved a commendable 6th place, while Singapore ranked 16th. China and South Korea secured the 20th and 21st positions, respectively, highlighting their regional prominence.

Within the ASEAN region, Malaysia earned the 38th spot, Indonesia the 41st, the Philippines the 43rd, and Vietnam the 44th. Cambodia and Myanmar secured the 64th and 80th positions, respectively, reflecting their unique contributions and challenges.

Regrettably, Iran found itself at the bottom of the ranking, securing the 87th position in the “Best Countries 2023” list. This ranking serves as a comprehensive snapshot of the nations that excel in various aspects of global significance, shedding light on their diverse strengths and areas for improvement.

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