Toyota Factory Shutdown in Japan Blamed on Server Glitch, Not Cyberattack

Toyota has disclosed that a server malfunction was responsible for the temporary closure of all its assembly plants in Japan for nearly a day last week. The disruption occurred as some servers used for processing parts orders became unavailable during maintenance procedures.

In a statement issued on September 6, Toyota clarified that the system outage was the result of an error triggered by insufficient disk space on specific servers and not due to any cyberattack. The company reassured that the system has been successfully restored after transferring data to servers with larger capacities.

The incident occurred during routine server maintenance, prompting Toyota to acknowledge the need for a comprehensive review of its maintenance processes to prevent future occurrences.

According to a credible source, the irregularity took place during an update to the company’s parts ordering system.

Toyota swiftly resumed operations at its domestic assembly plants on August 30, just a day after the incident disrupted production. This clarification should alleviate concerns surrounding a potential cyberattack and underline the significance of rigorous maintenance protocols in ensuring seamless operations for major corporations like Toyota.

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